An effective, efficient and very practical experience, carried out in collaboration with professionals willing to put themselves in the field to be supervised and to give their contribution in supervision. A totally manageable time and financial investment. What I appreciated most was the use of supervision tools and methods that can be applied in day-to-day management activities, especially in supervising department heads who should be leaders in their department.
Matteo Castiglioni, Deputy General Manager

A new experience that allows me to reflect and understand how best to deal with certain issues, thanks also to the comparison with other people in the team and the different ways of approaching the various cases. It’s helping me especially for the coaching part with my team and I like the fact that through practical examples brought by other colleagues we can learn.
Elisa Tudino, Activation Brand Lead

An innovative and very useful experience, a moment to stop and think in good company, among professionals who live similar situations. The discussion and sharing always took place in a new remote mode, but right from the start there was a tangible climate of openness, trust and mutual respect that made me feel “close” to the other participants. Through the work we did, my perception of my current work context changed and I found more courage to express my “critical” thoughts without the fear of hurting/disappointing the other people: I feel much more like a “leader coach” within the company.
Valentina Reiner, Head of Regulatory Affairs

“The SLSV programme has allowed me to approach concrete situations of my daily life in relations with direct collaborators, colleagues, clients and in general with the people I interact with in a 360° and multifaceted way. The richness lies in the variety of cases dealt with and in the multiplicity of applicable solutions for improving one’s leadership and interpersonal relations. It has strengthened the relationship with colleagues involved in the same journey as me and I have worked on an action plan mainly involving my team and aimed at increasing productivity and engagement. Every case dealt with by others can be yours, so there are no pauses or drops in attention. In a word: richness. And furthermore, no pre-work is required.”
Francesco De Tommasi, Revenue and Sales Development Manager

An experience that actively involves the participants, keeping the interest in the training high throughout its duration. It is helping me a lot in being able to better understand the dynamics that help build solid leadership, through different perspectives that go beyond my individual personality and experience. I am starting to have a broader view and ask myself structured questions about how best to adapt my actions and decisions, depending on the context and/or the person I am dealing with. I really appreciate the possibility of being able to have a constant comparison with other senior managers, who can give me their point of view, open my mind, help me to understand with concrete examples how I can improve and strengthen my leadership.
Fabrizio Rizzo, Sales Manager

“Very interesting, concrete and useful. The SLSV is giving me the opportunity to learn about different approaches to problem solving and is making me understand even more the importance of both trying to analyse problems/areas for improvement from different points of view and the importance of sharing. I have also had the opportunity, as I am relatively new to the company and the team, to get to know my colleagues better. I started to apply the advice given by my colleagues to the case I shared with them, in particular I started to recognise and value even the small achievements of my team, both with them and in the company. In particular, I appreciated the possibility of having more and more points of view and becoming more and more aware that I am not the only one facing certain problems but that often, the whole leadership team, perhaps in different ways, faces the same difficulties.”
Paola Valpione, Senior Sales Manager

An exciting experience from a human point of view, even before the professional one. Empathy and helpfulness characterised the meetings. I found the way the coach managed the meetings excellent, as well as the climate of trust and cooperation that was established from the beginning between the participants. I didn’t think it could be so interesting to work as a team on personal problems in a professional context, and the solutions that emerged during the meetings fully satisfied me.
Flavio Trovatelli, Entrepreneur

I found a very close-knit and dynamic group that, with excellent moderation, motivated me to get involved and be involved. In particular, I appreciated the fact that I could take advantage of the situations of the other participants, which sometimes turned out to be very similar to mine. Thanks to this engaging experience I felt a little less alone, I was able to give the right weight to some aspects that seemed to me to be huge and I made some adjustments to the issues I raised!
Nicola Bianda, Broker Assicurativo & Consulente Finanziario

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